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Nursicare’s unique ingredients work together to support and enable pain reduction in the wound. The mother quickly experiences comfort and relief for the wounded, cracked, or painful nipples.


Nursicare pads have met appropriate international standards for safety and effectiveness. Nursicare pads have passed regulatory review and clearance in all the countries where marketed.


Nursicare pads support natural healing and provide the optimal condition to restore the skin to its healthy state, helping keep nipples soft and flexible instead of dry and fragile and sensitive.


The structure and ingredients of Nursicare pads protect the nipple and prevent deterioration. The pads are thin, soft and flexible. They conform to the breast shape and prevent friction between the nipple and clothing. There is no need for extra cleaning of the injured nipple. The mild cleanser in Nursicare pads helps keep the wound clean through the healing process. Milk leakage is absorbed and locked inside the pads.


Nursicare pads allow wounds to “breathe.” A semi-permeable film on the outside of the pads allows gas exchange and maintains the proper moisture level. The film helps prevent wound contamination from outside and leakage of fluid to clothing from inside.


Nursicare pads are comfortable and soothing. The pads don’t leave the skin feeling sticky or oily. Nursicare pads are easy to remove and do not adhere to a wound.


from breastfeeding mothers and experts

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Kathy (mother of Jessica)

"My nipples were sore almost from the very first day, and had it gone on like that I wouldn't have been able to bear it. Luckily, I was introduced to Nursicare. The relief was almost immediate and that's what allowed me to keep breastfeeding - which I desperately wanted to do. I think Nursicare pads should be a MUST in every pre-delivery bag."

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Lili (mother of Dan)

"I breastfed my son Dan while he was teething and suffered terribly from abrasion and cracked nipples. Thanks to Nursicare, the cracks disappeared, and the pain relief was immediate. It’s just a really great product. I recommend it to all my friends."

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Sylvie (mother of Gil)

"I started using Nursicare a week after my baby was born while I still recovered from my Caesarean. The pad helped soothe my sore nipples as well as they area around them, which was very sensitive. The pads provided protection from the friction caused by my clothes. I don’t know what I would have done without them."

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Sharone IBCLC, 16 years experience

"Nursicare pads upgraded my practice and solved one of the breastfeeding mother's major difficulties, which sometimes cause women to stop breastfeeding. These women with damaged nipples couldn’t hold their babies due to severe pain, but felt significant pain relief only six hours after applying the Nursicare. This constant pain was a big obstacle, because even while not nursing, many women couldn't handle the pain – let alone when nursing. Also, the healing process of the nipple layer of skin was so much faster than before."

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Anat Yaari IBCLC, 10 years experience

"One of the main reasons mothers discontinue breastfeeding is pain, but by using Nursicare, mothers won't have to make that difficult choice. I have seen Nursicare in action in my practice and there is truly nothing like it."

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Vered Bukai IBCLC , Bsc.Nutr , LLL, 14 years

"It's important for me to tell my experience with Nursicare breast pads for the past year and a half. I hear from many of my patients enthusiastic feedback regarding the use of Nursicare pads. The pads are so magical, easy to use and do not stain the bra or the garment as some of the creams do. The improvement in the healing process is so fast and the pain reduction as well. I recommend them even when there is no visible problem but there is significant sensitivity or pain on the nipples."


Meeting the challenge of breastfeeding pain and wounds

Nursicare Approach

We believe in breastfeeding, but we also believe in freedom of choice. But true freedom of choice may be compromised when a mum is experiencing sore, painful breasts that don’t heal between feeds. As the pain increases and becomes unbearable, it’s understandable that some make the irreversible decision to stop breastfeeding altogether – while in so much pain, they don’t feel that they have a choice.

This is precisely what Nursicare wants to avoid. By eliminating the pain, we give mothers the opportunity to make a real choice whether to breastfeed or not. Freedom of choice – True choice.

Breastfeeding wounds are unique in that they cannot be bandaged up and allowed to heal, because the baby needs to eat. So, the breast is repeatedly exposed and subjected to the very cause of the soreness – breastfeeding. With this in mind, we have created a unique product especially designed for breastfeeding mums. Nursicare therapeutic breast pads incorporate all the treatment capabilities of our advanced wound healing and pain reduction products, with specific modifications to suit breasts and breastfeeding.


Proven healing properties built into each therapeutic pad

In more than 25 years’ of developing new wound dressings, we have relieved the suffering of millions of people, all over the world. We have now channeled this extensive experience to develop a product that helps to heal sore, inflamed breasts, so that mothers can breastfeed their babies without pain.

The unique components in Nursicare work together with the body and each other to facilitate rapid wound healing, balancing the moisture of the wound while helping to calm the reaction of the nervous system to reduce pain and relieve inflammation. Unlike any other wound dressing, four key wound-healing capabilities - cleansing, filling, absorbing and moistening – are uniquely combined in one, drug-free product.

In Nursicare pads, the formulation has been optimized for wounds caused by breastfeeding. Containing all the same unique pain relief and healing properties, Nursicare is the only product you need, providing rapid relief while healing the delicate, damaged breast tissue.

Nursicare Science

The Healing Process

When Nursicare pads are placed on the sore nipple, the pad’s ingredients cooperate in complete synergy to reduce pain and inflammation and support the healing process.

Nursicare Science

The combination of the cleanser, moisturizer and superabsorbent creates an optimal healing environment to help heal injured and painful nipples.

The pads absorb fluid and gently expand to establish full contact with the nipple.

The built-in cleanser helps keep the wound bed clean and removes the damaged tissue.

Glycerin, the moisturizer in Nursicare, contributes to an optimal environment to heal the nipples and prevent the pads from sticking to skin.

The superabsorbent pulls in fluid from the nipple and locks it into the Nursicare pad, helping keep fluid out of the wound bed.

The external film controls the evaporation process and protects the nipple wound from external contamination.


Step 1


Before the first use of a new Nursicare pad, gently wipe the nipple and surrounding area with a cloth slightly moist with water– the moisture will help to activate the healing ingredients contained in the Nursicare pad. No need to dry the skin or nipple prior applying the pad.

Step 2


Remove the sterile pad from its packaging and place it inside your bra, with the printed label side facing outwards and the plain side touching your nipple. Center the pad over the nipple area.

Step 3


When it’s time to nurse or pump, remove the pad and place it on a clean surface with the unlabeled side up. Prior to nursing or using a breast pump, gently wipe the breast with water or mothers’ milk.

Step 4


Nursicare disposable pads are designed to be used several times. When you’ve finished breastfeeding or pumping, simply replace the pad back inside your bra.

Step 5


Over time, the pad absorbs fluid. When the pad becomes saturated, it’s time to replace it . A Nursicare pad may be used until the liquid in the pad becomes visible through the labeled backside of the pad, and before the absorbent fluid reaches the edge of the pad. Change the pad immediately if saturated with milk. Nursicare pads are not washable; washing may remove ingredients and diminish the mode of action.
Discard after use.

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Is Nursicare safe for babies?

Nursicare pads have met appropriate international standards for safety and effectiveness. Nursicare pads have passed regulatory review and clearance in all the countries where marketed. PolyMem products have been used for over 25 years, safely and effectively.

Is there a need to wash the nipple prior to breastfeeding?

Although Nursicare pads and materials are safe, health authorities advise wiping all substances off the nipple prior to breastfeeding. Simply wipe the nipple gently with a moist cloth.

Is it recommended or possible to use other products or treatments in combination with Nursicare to treat the nipples?

Nursicare pads contain all the necessary ingredients to reduce pain and heal the wound, so there is no need to add any other treatment, such as a topical cream.

If I don’t feel any pain relief after 24 hours, what should I do?

The soothing ingredients in Nursicare pads are released when the pad absorbs fluid. If the pad hasn’t absorbed any milk from the breast and remains dry, it may not be effective. In such a case, it is recommended to slightly moisten the nipple with a few drops of breast milk or water. (See instructions for use).

How long should I keep using the pads to prevent pain?

Nursicare pads can be used as long as desired, provided they are changed as instructed. Please read the instructions for use inside the box before using the pad.

The pad becomes saturated with fluid very quickly. What should I do?

Nursicare pads are highly absorbent. The pads can usually be used for several days until they are saturated with fluid, though how quickly this happens may vary from mother to mother. Sometimes, the breast not being used may leak during feeding. It is therefore recommended to remove Nursicare pads from both breasts while breastfeeding to prevent saturation. (See instructions for use).

I don’t have milk leakages. How long can I use the same Nursicare pads?

The Nursicare pad can be left on for a maximum of five days, but should be changed earlier if it becomes soiled. Please discard after use.

Where can I get Nursicare pads?

You can find Nursicare around the world from one of our trusted distributors.

Find Nuriscare in your country


About us

Ferris Mfg. Corp. HQ

Nursicare is another great product by Ferris Mfg. Corp. founded in 1977 and dedicated to developing innovative products that help to heal wounds. PolyMem®, a multifunctional dressing used for a wide range of applications, is the flagship product of Ferris.

Ferris developed Nursicare® therapeutic breast pads specifically for breastfeeding mothers. With the same basic formulation as PolyMem® dressings but optimized for wounds caused by breastfeeding, Nursicare pads cleanse, fill, absorb and moisten wounds as they heal. Speeding up the recovery process simply and effectively, they are ideal for healing sore breasts, and enabling mothers to continue breastfeeding.

PolyMem® and Nursicare® are produced by Ferris Mfg. Corp., based in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. PolyMem® products are distributed in more than 60 countries throughout the world.


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